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    Seabuckthorn Oil Testimonial
    I purchased the oil for a sore on the left side of my head that refused to heal. After going to the doctor without any relief, I started using the oil twice a day for about a month or so. The sore started shrinking until it disappeared. I also used it for the pimples on my face and within a week they disappeared as well. Your products have changed my life. Thank you!
    ~Teresa. Penticton, British Columbia

    Endometriosis Testimonial
    For years I endured painful cramps due to Endometriosis. I tried the Seabuckthorn gel oil capsules and after one month found a huge relief from the painful cramps. I have tried many other herbal remedies for this condition, but I found that the Seabuckthorn was most affordable, and has helped my pain better than anything I have tried before. I also noticed an increase in energy and overall well being. I highly recommend trying this!!
    ~Susan, Vancouver, British Columbia

    Balanceuticals Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
    My son was having a hard time getting over a persistant cough left over from bronchitis and a lower respiratory infection. He had had it for weeks. His cough started getting better right after starting to take the Sea buckthorn capsules, and in about 3-4 days was totally gone. He took three a day during that time. I am taking it along with my prescription medicine) to help strengthen my auto immune system since I have a mild case of lupus and for all-over health improvement. I think I am noticing that I have more energy. We'll keep using it and see what happens. Thanks for such a good product.
    ~J. A. Mueller, November 24, 2007

    Facedoctor Rejuvenating Soap
    I read about this soap and bought it for my daughter's rosacea. It has cleared it up even though she sometimes forgets to use it daily. It works! Great product!
    ~C D "faithwalker" (Texas)

    Aubrey Organics Seabucklthorn Skin-care Products Testimonials
    I have the type of Rosacea that breaks out into pimple-like sores on my face. I have tried many expensive prescription creams with very limited success. I read about Sea buckthorn being known to kill the demodex mite that is thought to have something to do with Rosacea and so I began using Aubrey's Serum. The results are amazing. When used everyday, it stops new outbreaks about 95% of the time. I recommend it to anyone with a similar problem.
    ~ Michael from Key West, FL

    I bought Sea Buckthorn & Cucumber with Ester-CŪ Moisturizing Cream because I read the great reviews. I was really desperate. My skin was red, flaky and breaking out all at the same time! It's been a few weeks now and I wish you could see the difference now! My skin looks normal and feels soft and healthy. I even use this on my toddler daughter because I know the ingredients are natural. What a skin saver!
    ~Tara from Marlborough, MA

    Sea Buckthorn moisturizer works amazing! It absorbs nicely and leaves skin smooth, silky, but not greasy at all! My breakouts looked smaller and disappeared just within a week of using it. It also helps a great deal with red spots left after pimples are gone. I love the fact that it is completely NATURAL! I only wish I discovered it years ago...
    ~Nadya from Santa Fe, NM

    This moisturizer is just right for combination dry skin! I use it along with the Sea Buckthorn cleansing cream and toner every morning. I use the Rose Mosqueta moisturizing cream at night. The Sea Buckthorn Moisturing Cream soaks in quickly and does not leave a heavy or oily film; however, it leaves my face and neck soft and and well moisturized. I can tell a big improvement in my skin since switching to the Aubrey line of products.
    ~Nancy from Social Circle, GA

    I was kind of hesitant about trying a serum at first; so I tried this Sea Buckthorn serum. I just love this stuff. But then again I'm not a believer in the serums out on the market. I always read the ingredients and read up on everything before I would even try them. This is a first for me, maybe that's why I've been approached and asked if I've had cosmetic surgery around my eyes. Actually the lines I do have are really vanishing. I can proudly say I'm 44years of age with hardly any facial lines. I think I'm on to a fantastic discovery. I'm definitely going to purchase at least a case of this serum to go with all my other Sea Buckthorn Products I've recently bought a couple months ago from Aubrey Organics. I do know I'll never use anything else! I'm calling this my fountain of youth!!!!!
    ~Linda Benson Sandy from Clinton, NC

    Thank you for your sea buckthorn products... It's the only thing that has worked for rosacea. Almost immediate relief.
    ~Kenny, Toledo Ohio

    Seabuckthorn Anti-Aging Skin Cream
    When my daughter gave me this skin cream, I was hesitant to try it due to my skin being extremely sensitive as well as being a long-time sufferer of Rosacea. However, once I read the insert and discovered that Rosacea was one of the skin conditions it is used for, I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise I actually noticed a difference in the ruddiness and redness of my skin tone after using the cream only twice. I was absolutely amazed and immediately called my daughter to let her know how delighted I was with this product and that if she could get me more, I would be eternally grateful. I have tried all of the products on the market and prescribed for Rosacea and have not had the results that I have with Seabuckthorn Anti-aging skin cream! I plan to show it to my doctor so she can recommend it to other patients suffering with skin conditions. I will certainly be an advocate for this cream. I am elated with the improvement of my skin appearance. Thank you for providing a much-needed product.
    ~Jeanne Stewart, May 2006

    Other Testimonials
    I have a mild case of Rosacea and heard that Seabuckthorn Seed Oil might help. After taking it about a month, I started to see a difference in the redness on my face - it was fading and has continued to be much less red than before.
    ~Sandie Eckenrode (New Freedom, PS), July 18, 2007

    As you know, I have reluctantly become a big fan of sea Buckthorn. I resisted trying it at first because it was so different from what I was using and because I thought it might be one of those "fad" supplements that would be popular one day and bad for you the next. Because of my tremendous respect for you and your intelligence and knowledge, I first tried the facial moisturizer. It was different because it was an oil, but I quickly became a fan and have been using it 2x daily for almost a year. It has not made my face oily or breakout at all. I really liked the idea of all those vitamins and anti-oxidants being absorbed into my skin every day. I then started doing my own research on the internet on taking Sea Buckthorn internally. It was about this time that several of my neighbors were having health problems. If you ignore the cosmetic company ads, you can find scientific-based articles from Russia and China, which explain the unique vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants and fatty acids contained in Sea Buckthorn! After reading many articles showing the positive affects of Sea Buckthorn, I started taking the capsules daily. I have been taking the capsules since 9/03. Call it a coincidence, but this is the first year (the fall/winter cold season) when I have not had a single cold, sinus infection, flu. I didn't even have a flu shot. Sometimes it really helps to open the mind to natural supplements and those not familiar to us!

    I love your Seabuckthorn Soap. After running out of shampoo I decided to use it on my hair. Even without conditioner my hair is shiny, full bodied and soft. And by the way, I am using it as a body cleanser as well. As a side effect it has cleaned up my irritating acne.

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