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Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap

It is made from natural plant extracts that were developed to deal with the causes of ugly skin such as redness, enlarged pores, acne, skin blotches, rosacea and premature aging. It has cleansing effects of rosacea. The active ingredient, Seabuckthorn Oil, is clinically proven to kill the Human Demodex parasite. One bar lasts 3-4 months.
Ingredients: Neat Soap Flakes, Seabuckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides) oil, coconut oil, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), glycerin, sodium silicate, astragalus membranaceus, spirodela polyrrhiza, tocopherol (vitamin E), protein hydrolysate, fragrance.
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Face Surgeon Medicated Soap

It is recommended for cleansing use in conjunction with Face Doctor Soap in order to expedite treatment for stubborn cases. It is formulated after 30 years of research.
Ingredients: Neat Soap, Glycerin, Sodium Silicate, Hippophae Oil, Musk, Perfume, Borax.
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Face Doctor Beauty Cream

It is developed to compliment Face Doctor Soap which helps prevent the spread and further infection of the parasites. This facial cream acts as a moisturizer and has the same active ingredient found in the soap. It's like having the treatment on your face all day.
Ingredients: Seabuckthorn Oil, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Glyceryl Monostearate, Bee wax.
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Slim Surgeon Slimming Cream

It is developed from pure natural plants after many years of research. This preparation is effective in giving you a well-proportioned figure. The cream goes deeply into the skin and is absorbed to promote the dissolution of fat. This product is extremely effective for breaking down cellulite. It breaks up fat pockets in the stubborn or problem areas of your body: hips, thighs, stomach, buttocks, etc. The active fat-burning ingredients are delivered directly through the skin and into your fat cells. Once delivered, the active ingredients dehydrate and break down your fat cells for fast and effective metabolization.
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Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner

For many years our customers have been requesting a Conditioner to work in conjunction with our Shampoo. After perfecting it, it is finally here! With its active ingredient, seabuckthorn oil, Face Doctor has developed a product that will leave your hair extremely smooth and silky. This is the ideal hair conditioner to use right after using our award winning shampoo.
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Hair and Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo

It is a natural anti-bacterial shampoo for fine and weak hair. It is formulated to promote healthy, clean and lustrous hair on itchy and flaky scalps.
Ingredients: Seabuckthorn oil, Polyoxyethylene, fatty alcohol, sodium sulfate, ethanelamine dodecyl sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate.
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