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  • Candex is miracle to me!
    I don't know what department this is going to, but I just wanted to tell you I started on the Candex supplements about 3 month ago. I have had an ongoing yeast (vaginal yeast) problem in specific for over a year. In fact I had a cortisone shot in Oct... and it really triggered a yeast infection like I don't want to have again. Approximately 3yrs ago I had surgery. Pelvic surgery to be exact. I was on heavy duty meds for a week straight. Well right after that I got a vaginal yeast infection that just about sent me over the edge. Making matters worse...I couldn't put any meds internally due to my recent surgery. They gave me diflucan. That did not work. I tried it for 4 days... and it didn't touch it. I did all I could do and it was just terrible. I thought if I ever have surgery again I won't know what to do for fear of the antibiotics messing with my system and going thru that all over again. I did my best to stay as far away from sugars and sweets as I could...but still it was there in my system and not a lot to help it. I heard about this Candex in a book my sister was reading about autism. I was sooo desperate I thought I will try anything once.. so I will try this. I started about 3 month ago.. and this is miracle to me!! I have already gotten 3 others on it who feel the same. I just wanted to let you know the relief I feel from not having to itch myself to go to sleep...haha and all the other things that come along with it. I do use acidophlus with it... and I can actually eat sugar stuff with it...and no sign of a problem. I'm traveling over the summer and it was big concern on how I was going to do this in a car ride that is 2 days long. I thought I will spend a lot of time pulling over and stressing out! haha..but thanks to this awesome awesome supplement...I won't have to. Thank you again for making a great product and they always say...if it's not broke don't fix it..and I say that to you. Pls don't change it or the formula cause this is what works! In the interim I am going to bring this to the attention of my doctor next week for my appt...and then I will tell my ob/gyn. I got to thinking if I could spread the word like wildfire..the dollars that will be saved in RX for anti-fungals or just buying anti-fungals at the store..will be great! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a great day!

  • What a marvelous product!
    I suffered for sometime with an itchy back, indigestion and major hair loss! My health food consultant at Mother Nature Natural Foods suggested I try Candex and distilled water - I did and what a change! Wow! What a product! Fabulous!
    Thank you and bless you and keep up the good work!
    -B. B. S., St. Petersburg, FL

  • Hi, I have recently discovered that yeast or Candida Albicans, is in my entire body. I have recurring yeast infections and the use of antibiotics have only helped temporarily and all it does is causes the yeast to come back worse. It is at a point where my skin has rashes all over. I was miserable. I started looking up my symptoms on a health site and found that the yeast may have spread which was causing bloating, headaches, rashes, insomnia, you name it I had it. I was so desperate for a remedy I started to look around. I initially went to the health food store trying to find one that I saw online. The clerk at the store recommended your product and said that your product was the most sought after remedy for Candida. I have to tell you I was skeptical, but hopeful. I have only taken two doses so far, and unless I am imagining it (which I doubt it) I already feel a tremendous relief. I came to your site to find any other recommendations for Candida and I saw this link and wanted to thank you for your product. I look forward to years of use!!! I will definitely recommend it and use it as long as I live.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank God!
    God bless you for producing these supplements!

  • I want to thank you again for your generosity in sending me the Candex shipments. This is the 1st time in 18 years that I have not been plagued by Candida! I'm still not at the point that I don't need support, so I'm still taking 2-3 capsules daily and maintaining a strict diet to remain symptom free. I'm working on the underlying causes, but in the mean time I'm not making things worse with the anti-fungals I used to take which didn't work very well and gave me die off symptoms and other problems as well. The Candex has been a key factor in my return to health from a nearly 30 year chronic condition of illness. Needless to say, it comes naturally and easily for me to tell individuals, store managers and health practitioners in my community about the value of Candex, which I do whenever the opportunity arises! Please let me know if there is anything more I can do in appreciation.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • I have now completed trial of Candex and can report as follows:
    Initially took 1 capsule per day, gradually building up to 4 over a period of 1 week. Felt benefits within first few days, but then hit a "healing crisis" with fatigue, muscle aches and muzzy head. Symptoms not to bad (4-5/10) and certainly nothing like those as previously experienced with die-off from anti-fungal. Just reduced dosage for couple of days until effects subsided then gradually built up to recommend dose again. No adverse effects this time. Throughout trial period I didn't take any antibiotics or cortiosteroids and kept all other nutritional supplements and anti-Candida diet as before. I am delighted to report that I now have boundless energy, clear head, no mood swings, bloating or aches and am sleeping well for the first time in years. I can now join my children in games and activities that I have always previously had to sit on the sidelines and watch. This product is a dream come true for anyone, like myself, who has been unable to take anti-fungal's due to problems with die off. It is easy to take, has no unpleasant taste and, for me, has proved to be very effective in controlling Candida. I will definitely continue to take Candex and can't than you enough for giving me the opportunity to be a "guinea pig" on this occasion!
    Kind regards,
    -J., April 15, 2002

  • I am writing this letter in response to your request for information regarding my personal clinical experiences with Candex.
    I have used Candex now for approximately 5 months and have seen extraordinary results. I have several patients who have been fighting chronic yeast for years. One particular patient has Lyme's Disease and had been treated numerous times with traditional antifungal medications. These medications were not only unsuccessful, but she experienced unpleasant side effects commonly associated with those types of medications. Candex has been the only effective treatment for her condition and she did not experience any die-off reactions. It has changed this patient's quality of life. We continue to see these same type of results time and time again with our patients. I hope this helps; let me know if there is anything else I can do.
    -P. A., MSN FNP-BC
    Advanced Wellness Systems
    Clinical Director
    April, 2003

  • Here's my heart felt testimonial. Feel free to edit it as needed, and to include my name if you'd like.
    In the nearly 15 years that I've had medically diagnosed clinic Candida, I've found Candex has been the first supplement (including several prescription anti-fungal medications) that has controlled my persistent recurring Candida symptoms. Yet it has been so gentle and easy on my body, that I've experienced no die-off symptoms (which have been very debilitating in the past). Now, even though I am currently taking Candex at a reduced dosage for long term assurance that the symptom don't return, I am experiencing no ill effect from the Candex, nor do the Candida organisms seem to be building up a tolerance to the Candex. (In the past they have developed a tolerance to other anti-fungal substances I have taken). I hope this works for you. If you want fewer words and something simpler let me know. Thank you again.
    My sincerest gratitude and appreciation to you!
    Peace! Blessings! Gratitude!
    -U. F.

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