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Our body is in a constant struggle to maintain proper pH levels - too acidic means the body has to work extra hard to expel excess acidic ash waste or allow it to pile up; too alkaline often means the body is struggling with low electrolyte levels that weaken muscle and nerve functions. A consistent pH imbalance - either too acidic or too alkaline - interferes with the body's basic operations.

The bulk of the American diet consists of foods that leave an acidic residue within the body. This occurs when food is metabolized and broken down, leaving certain chemical and metallic residues which yield either acid or alkaline potentials of pH for the body. It is these residues from our daily dietary choices that appear to most strongly influence body pH levels. When the diet is imbalanced with an excess of these acid or alkaline residues, which most western-world diets are, body pH is directly and immediately impacted, causing body fluids to lie constantly within the acidic range. And, just like acid rain upon a forest, an imbalanced pH can slowly but steadily corrode your body and lead to numerous health problems.

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Organic Heirloom Wheatgrass Organic Heirloom Wheatgrass by Green Kamut, Overstock/Final Sale, 90 g
Green Kamut is a potent source of anti-oxidants, alkaline, lightweight protein, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, trace minerals, friendly bacteria, and key enzymes.   > read more...

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pH balanced Body Wash pH balanced Body Wash by Very Private, Dermatologist Tested and Approved, 6 oz.
pH balanced Body Wash treats dry, sensitive skin  > read more...

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pH Protector Drops pH Protector Drops by Body Rescue, 1.25 fl oz.
pH Protector Drops is an alkaline booster.  >

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Wheat Grass Powder Wheat Grass Powder by Amazing Grass, 8.5 oz.
Amazing Grass wheat grass - By restoring alkalinity and neutralizing acid production your body can recover quicker, metabolize faster, reduce food cravings and achieve your optimal health.  > read more...

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