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What makes FTH different from all of the other vitamin companies that make claims of high quality ? The answer is that at FTH we do HPLC testing on all of our products. This is the highest level of purity testing currently being used. We feel it's imperative to provide Vitamins, Minerals and Pure L Crystalline Amino Acids that are of the purest to be found anywhere.

With Pharmaceutical and pure grade nutrients from FTH, they require little or no digestion and can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized quickly. Our amino acids can be taken sublingually for those who prefer this method. With FTH Nutraceuticals you can count on the products we produce to provide the body with the ingredient amounts listed on the label and the vitamin buyer will utilize most if not all of the contents completely.

We've heard a lot lately about USP PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE particularly with reference to Vitamins, Mineral and Amino Acids. FTH Nutraceuticals, Inc., is the first company to specify the use of pharmaceutical grade amino acids in their product line. The USP provides assurance to the consumer, as well as those involved in manufacturing and processing, that the quality and purity of the raw materials utilized are of pharmaceutical grade.

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Amino Health Amino Health by FTH Nutraceuticals, Amino Acid Formula, 100 Vegicaps
FTH Amino Health is a unique blend of 22 highest quality L-Crystalline singular amino acids.  > read more...

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D-Phenylalanine D-Phenylalanine by FTH Nutraceuticals, 50 Vcaps / 500 mg
D-Phenylalanine helps enhance endorphin production.It is beneficial in assist individuals suffering from chronic discomfort and pain.   > read more...

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Our low price: $31.99, 2 for $62.98
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