Famous Chinese Formulas (6): CoronaryEase ( Danshen Shuxiong)


Famous Chinese Formulas (6): Coronary Ease

CoronaryEase (Danshen Shuxiong) is a very good example of ancient usage backed up with modern scientific research in traditional Chinese medicine.

Red sage root, notogensing and rosewood oil (Albergia or heart wood oil) have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than a thousand years, and putting them together to deal with coronary and blood pressure conditions is considered one of the best and most effective combinations for its purpose. Modern scientific research puts this formula on a solid footing when its efficacy is fully explained.

Red sage is the root of the perennial herb Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge of the Labiatae family. It is called Danshen in Chinese which literally means “brilliant red ginseng”, an indication of the preciousness of this herb. It is the same case with notoginseng though like red sage it neither belongs to the ginseng family. It is actually is the root of the perennial herbaceous plant Panax notoginseng ( Burk. ) F. H. Chen of the Araliaceae family. The third member of this formula is also not to be considered lightly. The name in Chinese actually means “the incense that brings the real god.”

The main ingredient in red sage is danshinin (or Tanshinone and its derivatives) that has the action of dilating the coronary artery, reduce aggregation of platelets, improve microcirculation, and also has bacteriostatic and anti-Inflammatory effects.

Notoginseng is the basic ingredient for the world famous Yunnan Baiyao (White Medicine of Yunnan) for bleeding cure. It has the amazing property of stop bleeding and at the same time to invigorate blood circulation! In another word it stops bleeding without causing blood stasis! It is often used to constrict local vessels, shorten blood coagulation time, increase blood platelets, and inhibit fibrinolysin. On the other hand it resists coagulation, reduce blood viscosity, promote the absorption of blood stasis, dilate coronary arteries, lower blood pressure, resist arrhythmia, shock and inflammation, alleviate pain, tranquilize the mind, protect the liver, drain the bile, resist high or low temperature, hypoxia and fatigue, promote growth and development, and increase red blood cells, hemoglobin and white blood cells. The most important ingredients in notoginseng are ginsenosides, panaxynal and â-sitosterol.

Rosewood oil contains B(beta)-sitosterol and it has similar functions of the other two herbs.

This well conceived formula produces several synergetic effects. The China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine listed anti-cardiac ischemia, anti-anoxia, dilating coronary arteries, protective action on ventricular fibrillation and anti- arrhythmia effects.

Clinical trials produced very significant results. They treated 415 patients with coronary cardiac disease and among them 377 suffered angina pectoris. Total effective rate is 85.6% with marked effective rate of 34.7%. 58.1% of the 329 patients showed improvement on the electrocardiogram analysis with marked effective rate of 20.1%.

As with most of TCM formulas this one also shows that it can be used for some other complaints, including post-traumatic brain injury with neurasthenia syndrome (122 cases were treated and the total effective rate being 90.2%, and rheoencephalogram analysis showed better vascular elasticity after the treatment), pigmented purpuric dermatosis, irregular menstruation and menstruation pain (dysmenorrheal), etc.

How to Take It? Generally TCM remedies are best taken on an empty stomach unless you feel any discomfort after taking it or advised by a professional. This formula is design for a dosage of 3 tablets three times a day. You may take 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and before going to bed. As this formula is with a red label, it should not be taken more than three month at a time. You may take for 6 days and stop for one day and then resume. After three months, you need to stop for 2-3 weeks before another regimen.

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