Constipation, Medicinal Rhubarb and Hemp Seed

Constipation, Medicinal Rhubarb and Hemp Seed Keywords: constipation, colon clean, colon cancer, rhubard, hemp seed. Purgative, fatty acid, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic, stomachic The most important herb used in the Chinese Palace is not ginseng, but rhubarb and hemp seed. The best way to smooth bowel movement and clean colon is a formula with rhubarb and hemp seed. Rhubard and hemp seed formula may make you feel a new person. If you think the most important herb in the Chinese Palace is ginseng, think again! The correct answer is medicinal rhubarb and hemp seed!

Most of us have had the bad experience of constipation. Not only it may lead to other serous health problems, it keeps us frustrated and depressed all the time. Medicinal rhubarb and hemp seed can effectively moisten our intestines and keep the passage easy.

Rhubarb contains many anthraquinones including chrysophanol, emodin, aloe-emodin, rein, etc., dianthraquinones including sennodises, and glucosides, all having purgative effects. Anthraquinone can markedly increase the amount of defecation, glucosides stimulate peristalsis and sensitize the bowel movement reflex nerve of the colon, sennosides, rhein , emodin and aloe-emodin possess very good purgative action.

Hemp seed contains 31% fatty acid including olein, linolein, linoleinin, etc, 19% proteins, sugars, enzymes, basic salt including choline, lecithin, etc, and vitamin E. The fatty acid plays the role of lubricating the instestinal wall to promote defecation.

Rhubarb also is found to stimulate bile and pancreatic secretions, antibacterial, astringent, anticarcinogenic and stomachic (benefiting the stomach).

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