Loosing Sleep and Emotionally Disturbed? Try These Herbal Remedies

Two categories of Sedative and Tranquilizers

According to their innate nature sedatives and tranquilizers are classified into two complimentary groups, settling tranquilizers and cardiotonic tranquilizers, the former including minerals such as amber, quartz, cinnibar, fossilized teeth of some mammals, fossilized bones of certain vertebrates, gold leaf, hematite, magnetite, pearls, mother of pearls, oyster shell, iron pyrite, and yellow azalea, etc, and the latter including albizzia bark, atractylodes chinesis, mulberry,reishi (ganoderma lucid), polygala, fleece-flower stem, biota seed, wheat, jujube seed, etc. The two categories can either be used separately or in combination as the health concerns they deal with are often interconnected.

Properties and Uses

Settling tranquilizers are used chiefly to settle the mind and calm the spirit, helping calm someone who is frightened, reduce palpitation and insomnia. Some tranquilizers affect asthma, dyspnea and coughing, some are liver soothing, and still others stomach sedating.

Cardiotonic tranquilizers are mainly heart and blood nurturing and nerve soothing herbs that reduce fright, palpitation and insomnia symptoms that are caused by weakness of the heart, blood and liver. Jujube, for instance, inhibits the central nervous system and exerts stable sedative action and hypotensive action. Raw seed is more potent and has sleep inducing properties.

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