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Meniere Disease episodes and vertigo attacks can be unpredictable and incapacitating. Inner Ear Balance is a safe and effective solution to help manage inner ear issues and live a healthy, happy life.

Read about our customer's true experiences and how they regain their balance.

"In December 2013 I first visited my doctor for treatment of dizzy spells that had become frequent and troublesome to me. After numerous office visits and repeated refills of prescriptions, I found some relief from the vertigo; however, the pills left me feeling drugged and listless. In summer of 2014, I discovered a description of Inner Ear Balance online and began taking the herbal remedy three times a day as recommended. Since then, after eight consecutive months of history with Inner Ear Balance, I am now experiencing no symptoms of vertigo or dizziness at all, and my mental clarity and alertness both have returned as well!

As you will see from the test results I am sending along today, I originally had my hearing evaluated by an audiology specialist on 10/3/2012 and was diagnosed then with tinnitus and less than 40% of normal hearing and comprehension in my left ear. In January of 2014 a nearly identical diagnosis and evaluation were determined on a repeat visit.
To my great surprise, though, when I revisited the same specialist most recently on 4/8/2015, two of the office professionals there were amazed at the dramatic increase in both the hearing and the comprehension of my left ear as documented by their test results. My tinnitus symptom has also significantly decreased.

Along with reducing my salt and caffeine intake, taking the Inner Ear Balance is the only other change I have made in my lifestyle of conscious, prudent diet and regular physical exercise. I will definitely continue with Inner Ear Balance on a maintenance schedule now."*
-- Ron C, TN

"Thank you for allowing me to share my experience now that I am using your product Inner Ear Balance. I was diagnosed almost five years ago with Meniere's Disease an inner ear disorder. After the initial episodes I was able to deal with the symptons by adjusting my diet and some over the counter medicines. Starting in October of 2014 I was almost incapable of walking, driving, working. My life was at a standstill. The episodes of Meniere's Disease are of course vertigo, nausea, chills, sweats, and you never know when they are going to happen. I was having 3 to 4 episodes a week, sometimes lasting 1 to 3 hours. After the episodes all I could do was lay down because they left me so exhausted. Even between episodes I had that floating unbalanced feeling all the time.

Well, I started searching the internet for something to help. All I could read about Meniere's was the same. No cure. Everything I read I was already doing with no good results. I typed in Inner Ear and that is how I found the website Tao of Herbs. What a wonderful day it was. I ordered 3 bottles of the Inner Ear Balance and started taking it immediately. Now I am able to function at my job. I can do basically anything I want to within limits. I know there are somethings I can't do with Meniere's. I would like to say that without Inner Ear Balance I would not be able to function at all. I still have some episodes rarely but they are not as severe and don't last as long. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is suffering with Meniere's Disease. Thank you so much for your product it has truly given me my life back."*
---S. Collins, NC

"My husband has had Menieres Disease for the past four years. It took a year to diagnose his condition. After many trips to the emergency room, the doctor came up with a diagnosis. I had worked in the hospital system for almost 20 years and never heard of it. All his test came back normal as he was a very healthy person. He would go to the hospital with severe nausea and vomiting and worst of all dizziness and vertigo. At one point he lost 50 pounds in two weeks He also had surgery.They put a shunt in his ear. This did relieve the vertigo however, the nausea, vomiting, and the dizziness continued for over two years. He was in bed for two to three days and then he would recuperate for another three to four days and then be back in bed for another two to three days and around and around we would go. I forgot to mention that he lost his hearing in his left ear.

After trying many different supplements. We came across Inner Ear Balance. After he started taking this supplement he noticed the pressure in his head was being relieved and the ringing in his ears was less. So, he continued taking it as he gradually improved and after eight or nine months his dizziness went away, along with the nausea and vomiting. We were thrilled to have some relief. Although, Menieres is not fatal. It makes you wish you were dead.

Now, he is going to real estate school. It is not easy as the Menieres seems to have wiped out part of his memory and learning ability. Also, he quit taking the inner ear balance for a few months as he thought he was cured and he had a relapse. Now, he is back on the supplement and improving each day. Our life is a much better quality since we have had some relief and we would recommend it to anyone suffering from Menieres."*
--- Grady S. AZ

"For me, Inner-Ear Balance has been a really good product that helped a lot after a long time of dealing with bad vertigo attacks. Nothing else seemed to work when my situation kept getting worse from 2008 onward. In fact I had to take so much time off work because of the dizziness and balance problems that I actually lost my job early last year because of the problem of too much absence from the workplace. Without a job, I had to go on disability. I had tried several different things before, but none of them were effective. The vertigo kept getting worse until I finally found Inner-Ear Balance. As a child, I had been treated with other herbal medicines; so, I was hopeful about taking Inner-Ear Balance. It has totally changed my life -- all for the better. After almost a year of taking Inner-Ear Balance, I am doing well with only one capsule each day for maintenance now. I am contacting you today to order another bottle because I never want to go back to the bad times when vertigo controlled my life.*
---R. Russell, OR

"After being diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, my doctor prescribed water pills and Dramamine which helped a little but I still having dizzy spells. I did not want to take any more prescription meds than I have to, so I decided to try Inner Ear Balance. After using four capsules per day for a month, my dizzy spells are few and far apart and do not last as long as they used to. It has worked so well for me, that my husband has just begun taking it in the hopes that it will help with his migraine headaches."*
--- D. Schmidt, Dallas, TX

"I love Inner Ear Balance!! I have been using it for close to a year or more after finding out that I had Meniere's Disease. Meniere's is an inner ear balance issue that can lead to episodes is vertigo. I find that the roaring sounds, different than ringing of the ears, is controlled when I stay on the Inner Ear Balance. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with inner ear issues!!!!"*
---M. Jones AR

"My Wife D. has vertigo. Sometimes the pictures on the walls seem to move around as well as other things in the room. Once she thought her chair was moving out from under her and she felt like she was going to fall out of it and was holding onto the opposite side. Things in the room would seem to spin or move around and the sensation would last up to two days.

The Inner Ear Balance has helped her situation by apprx. 90%. She do not experience the vertigo now and things on the wall and around the room stay put pretty much. She take three(3) capsules of Inner Ear Balance in the mornings and three(3) in the evenings. Taking them on a regular basis she very seldom experience the vertigo sensation."*
---Harry M.

"It took several years and countless doctor appointments and tests to be diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. Then I found out that it is not known what causes Meniere and there is no cure, only management of the symptoms. I changed to a low-salt diet and took water pills and a variety of prescriptions which helped somewhat but made me so tired I could not work or participate in daily activities. I came across Inner Ear Balance and decided to give it a try.

After taking one bottle, I noticed an improvement in my balance and after the second bottle, the episodes of vertigo began to lessen. I now feel that I can safely go about my business without the fear of having a debilitating attack of vertigo. I am very pleased with Inner Ear Balance." *
--- M. Watson, Milwaukee, WI

"The first time I experienced a Meniere's Disease attack was the most frightening thing that ever happened to me. Without warning, the room began to spin and even being seated did not stop the sensation. My hearing was muffled to the point I could not understand those speaking to me and I was completely disoriented. Soon after, I began to vomit uncontrollably and was taken to the emergency room.

I underwent a battery of expensive tests: CAT scans, MRI, x-rays, blood tests, etc. all without a conclusive diagnosis. It took four years to be diagnosed and then be told that there was little that could be done other than taking medications, following a strict diet and doing physical therapy to improve balance. While these helped, they did not stop the attacks and the hearing in one ear was nearly gone.

I began taking Inner Ear Balance and after taking two bottles at a dosage of two capsules in the morning and two in the evening, the attacks began to lessen. At first, it went from 3-4 full episodes per month to 1-2 and they were not as severe.
While I still have Meniere, Inner Ear Balance has helped enormously and has given me back the confidence and freedom to go about my life without having to plan around attacks. My sister has just begun taking it to see if it will help with migraine headaches which she has suffered from for decades."*
----J. Dulles, Palatine, IL

"I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback concerning your product, Inner Ear Balance. I have been using the product for some time now and try not to be without it. I have been in maintenance mode now for some time.

I have been suffering from Meniere Disease for about four years now having a terrible bout with severe loss of balance (vertigo), terrible nausea with vomiting, complete loss of hearing in my right ear and a measurable loss of hearing in my left ear, severe tinnitus in the right ear and sometimes a fullness with pain in both ears. After several visits to the emergency room and my doctor, I was looking for anything that would help my situation. My doctor told me there was no cure for Meniere's disease. Our daughter found your product, Inner Ear Balance, on the Tao of Herbs Web Site and told me about it. My doctor had placed me on a no salt-no caffeine diet which did partially control my symptoms but not completely. I still had occasional vertigo very bad because one cannot completely control salt intake, if you eat away from home at all, and to experience severe vertigo with the usual severe nausea and vomiting when out in public is very embarrassing, as it makes one appear to be severely intoxicated, (it happened to me at our Church Services one time and once on the way to Church) and most always resulted in a visit to the emergency room.

Upon the use of Inner Ear Balance, my vertigo went away almost completely. The tinnitus in the right ear has been greatly reduced and the occasional fullness in the ears has also been greatly reduced. I can hear some sounds in the right ear, such as loud talking from the television, but hearing in the right ear has not returned as it should be. I can hear very well in the left ear but not as it should be either. There has been no nausea with vomiting, since I began to use Inner Ear Balance, but I still experience that odd feeling of not being in full control of balance that one gets on occasion just before vertigo sets in, if I have not remained on the no salt-no caffeine diet. However, a small amount of motion sickness medication along with the usual Inner Ear Balance will remove all symptoms. I find the Inner Ear Balance to be an absolute necessity in controlling my symptoms of Meniere Disease along with the no salt-no caffeine diet, and an occasional small dose of motion sickness medication. I trust I will not ever be without the Inner Ear Balance because it has allowed me to reenter society as one should be able to do.

Please feel free to use exactly what I have said above as you will. Thank you." *
---N. Robertson, Maryland

"I have meniere's . I had vertigo. I couldn't drive and i lost 60% of my hearing. I had to get hearing aids and they didn't help that much. Then I found Inner-ear balance. I had tried everything else shoots in my ears , surgery on both ears. so why not try this. After taking five bottles as directed I no longer have vertigo and I stopped wearing the hearing aids. My hearing is getting better every day. I went from 6 valium a day to one a day. I'm so glad I found this product. " *

--S. Pierce

"I am 83 years old and have had Meniere's disease for two years. With this condition I felt very dizzy and heard a loud, buzzing background noise in my ear. Before starting your product, I had to use a walker for balance and support. Now, after taking Inner-Ear Balance for six months, I have no more buzzing in my ear, no vertigo or dizziness, nor do I need to use the walker any more. Inner-Ear Balance has given me back my independence, and now I am taking only three capsules a day for maintenance."*

--Mary H.

"Hello, My name is Diane and I am 62 years old. I have always been very active and never any health issues. In 2010, for whatever reason I began having vertigo and right ear problems. A fullness in my right ear, tinnitus, and a progressing hearing loss. I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. My symptoms ranged from a spinning sensation to where my world would be so bad of spinning I could not stand or walk, the vertigo would cause me to vomit and having to lay down and the spinning would continue. I would have to try and sleep it off. Over the years my symptoms progressed and worsened. My world was a night mare being struck at any moment, if I drove, i had to pull off the road and actually sleep until gone, anywhere when the vertigo hit I would stumble out of stores or hold on to my husband, if he were with me. So embarrassing as Im sure I looked like I was drunk or on drugs!

I went to my primary, ENT, neurologist, had CAT scans, MRI, vestibular testing, you name it, I had it done. To no avail, I had no life, I felt I just wanted to die, I could not live this way, as they say Meniere's is not fatal, but makes you feel like you want to die! This last year had progressed to almost every day! Praying for an answer, and researching everything and everywhere, that still small voice answered to a web page called TAO of Herbs that I had seen about 6 months ago, never following thru....this time I did, reading the testimonies, like my story hit home and I felt I would try the product, nothing to lose.

I received my product quickly and started taking it immediately. The regimen is 3 tablets, three times a day to get in your system and your body accustomed to the product. To my surprise, I started feeling different....Placebo? I didn't care if it was. I could tell my head and body and symptoms were feeling so different so different. I went 3 days with no vertigo! I was so happy and feeling myself, then I had an episode of vertigo, I felt so dismayed and thought, it was too good to be true, I cried. Little did I realize that with in time the episode lasted maybe 10 minutes and went away!? What actually was happening was that the episodes were few and far between and less intense and no more vomiting or terrible symptoms, the hearing seemed to be getting better and the tinnitus seemed less noisy. I am pretty sensitive to products and the way I feel, I have been taking now 2 tablets 3 times a day and it has been a total of 3 weeks now and I have my life pretty much back. I swear by this product and pray it never goes away, I can't live and don't want to live without my Inner Ear Balance! I just reordered 6 bottles so I will have for awhile and only look forward to better days as I'm feeling so much better, so very thankful and grateful for TAO of Herbs and this product, I have my life back. I would only hope that anyone who is suffering from Meniere's or the such is to please try this product. You will be so much better and regain your life too......many blessings.......... "*

---Diane B.

"Thank you so much for the Inner ear balance. Before taking Inner ear balance I was experiencing dizziness and vertigo and could not leave my house. After taking Inner ear balance my vertigo started to improve and my headache went away. I feel confident driving knowing that the Inner ear balance is working. I will continue to take it until it completely goes away. Will recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you!*

--Charlene G.

I would like to let you know what a great product this is. Whilst we were on a business/holiday trip to the US, I got extremely ill with severe vertigo attacks associated with some kind of vestibular diesese.I was a total wreck as the attacks came frequently n with little warnings.Spending most time either in bed or throwing out in the bathroom.I was so depressed & petrified,was at wit ends.Eventually I managed to find some relieve from taking Bonine- a motion sickness tablet,recommended by a pharmacist. By chance as I was continuously searching for an answer to this "horrible"ailment,I came upon your website--Tao of Herbs. From the positive reviews,& also the herbal ingredients,of the Inner Ear Balance I decided to give it a try. I started taking the recommended doses.I started to feel good,after 2 weeks, I flew back home on a 24 hrs flight without any attacks. As I continue with the treatment,I have only one attack,but it was pretty mild.(was my fault too,as I was stressing myself out). However,after that, taking the 3 bottles,I have not had any signs/symptoms of a re- occurance for the past 3 months. Praise The Lord????, I do believe that your product has indeed "cured" me. I am a walking testimony of the Greatness of this product Inner Ear Balance I am on the maintenance doses now,and will continue,as I certainly do not want an occurance of this horrible debilitating diesese.Thank You so much. All the Best,*

--Margaret G.

Hi, I am so pleased with this product! I just finished 4th bottle......I had no vertigo for 2 months!!! Then this last weekend/week had 3 separate episodes! Granted they weren't severe and did not last long.....what happened?? I'm thinking the bad weather/barometric pressure..... Yes, I feel must have been a bad weekend of storms and barometric pressures, because I'm fine again. I just do notice a whoosh of vertigo ever so slight every once in awhile and honestly its usually because I've lagged in my supplement. That in it self is reassuring and makes me realize how much a blessing this remedy is....thank you for changing my life for so much better because at times it wasn't worth living which was scary.......kiddos*

--D. Bresser from IL

"I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease more than two years ago. Since that time I have had big problems with fluid in my ears. I often felt dizzy, which led to balance problems and difficulty walking. I tried many treatments including drugs, accupuncture and physical therapy, but none of them worked very well for me. Then I saw information about Inner-Ear Balance and ordered it. I started out taking it right after New Year's Day and now am taking only three capsules per day for maintenance. I have seen major improvement since the beginning of the year; that's why I am ordering now for the fourth time. I would recommend that anybody with similar problems give it a try. Just remember to take the capsules every day as recommended. Recovery is not instant, but things do get better when you stick with Inner-Ear Balance."*

--Raquel S.

"I was having severe episodes with imbalance and sudden attacks of dizziness, strangely when the weather got hot these episodes would be more frequent. Also I would get neck pain, which I would find out later was one of the symptoms of Menere's disease, because of the lack of blood flow to the brain.

I felt a change about 3 days in to taking Inner Ear Balance, I made sure to take the recommended 9 capsules per day. The symptoms slowly started easing away and the neck pain started decreasing. Now in the 3 months I have been taking it, the symptoms have all but disappeared, if I have an attack it is for a very short period of time, however I can recall only 1 instance in the past month, which is an HUGE improvement!

I feel great now. I would tell anyone who starts using this product to be patient, and make sure you are taking the full dosage. Don't quit in the beginning because you are still getting some symptoms, they will subside, and it will happen when you don't expect it. The product is fantastic, it will work, just don't expect miracles in the first week."*

--Roger M.

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