The Most Balanced Premium Sea Buckthorn Oil Supplement: - Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil

Unsurpassed Quality:

USDA Certified Organic: Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil is made from USDA Certified Organic sea buckthorn exclusively harvested from the pristine Tibetan region where high altitude and the harsh environment have equipped the sea buckthorn with extraordinary biodefense mechanisms with hundreds of life-giving nutrients.

Potency: It takes 200 kg of sea buckthorn berries to extract 1 kg of sea buckthorn oil. That’s how potent and concentrated our sea buckthorn oil is. It is so nutrient dense, especially on essential fatty acids, that sea buckthorn juice products don’t even come close.

Highest Omega-7 Content: Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil is made from sea buckthorn oil that has the highest omega-7 content on the market, 30%-35%! This rare fatty acid gives sea buckthorn the amazing ability to support cell membrane, hair, skin, nails and well as healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol levels.

Purity: Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil is made from 100% pure sea buckthorn oil, nothing else!

Non-GMO: Our oil is made from organic, wild grown sea buckthorn berries from Tibet.

Super Critical Extraction: Our oil is extracted via the most advanced extraction process which minimizes oxidation to preserve the amazing antioxidant profile of sea buckthorn. At the same time, low temperature (even lower than cold pressed!) is used to minimize the loss of other nutrients which guarantees that our customers will gain the maximum amount of benefits sea buckthorn can offer.

The Perfect Balance:

Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil contains both sea buckthorn berry oil and sea buckthorn seed oil. Sea buckthorn berry oil is extracted from the pulp of sea buckthorn while the seed oil is extracted from seed. Both oils have an amazing array of different nutrients and essential fatty acids. For example, the berry oil contains most of the omega-7 while the seed oil contains most of the omega-3. While they have different applications and uses, combining the two is how the nature really intended in order for sea buckthorn to yield its maximum health benefits.

The Correct Dosage:

To gain the true benefit of sea buckthorn, we recommend a continuous use of 60 days at 2 softgels daily. Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil contains 120 softgels, 500mg of pure sea buckthorn oil in each softgel.

Try it Today – Risk Free!

We are confident that you will be happy with our Sea Buckthorn Gold Oil. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, simply return them for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase.