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What is Yin Care?

Manufactured under the Chinese name, Jie Er Yin Xi Ye, literally, "Clean Your Yin Wash-Liquid", Yin-Care is imported and distributed by ArborUSA. Millions of bottles are sold yearly, mostly for vaginitis and as a topical anti-fungal. This remedy is formulated with both water-extracted and essential oils of herbs and can be effectively applied as a wash, rub, sitz bath or compress.

Yin Care Usage

Used to dry and transform dampness, clear heat and toxin, purge fire, cool blood, disperse wind and stop itching, reduce swelling, detoxify skin lesions, promote circulation. Use at varying concentrations both topically and intra-vaginally for dampness, damp-heat, toxic-heat and wind gynecological patterns with or with out discharge including leucorrhea, vaginitis, cervicitis, gonorrhea, vulvovaginitis, STD’s, as well as general inflammations, infections and itching. Also can be used for various skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema, shingles, rashes, cold sores, fungal foot afflictions, sty infections of the eye and acne. Use in small concentrations and apply as a compress to heal minor burns.

Bottle of 116ml (4 fl. oz.)

Topically: Mix (5-100%) herbal concentrate with various amounts of water into a solution, apply directly to skin as a wash, compress or sitz bath 2-3x day.

Vaginally: Applicator available. Utilize washing receptacle (douche) and mix 5-20% concentrate with water, rinse 2-3x day, 5-6 days a course of treatment. For more serious vaginal conditions, soak tampon with 50% concentration mixture and insert for 3-5 hours 1-2x day, 6 days as course of treatment.

Yin Care Yin Care Ingredients

Cnidium - She Chuang Zi

Mentha - Bo He

Lonicera - Jin Yin Hua

Gardenia - Zhi Zi

Phellodendron - Huang Bai

Scutellaria - Huang Qin

Sophora - Ku Shen

Kochia - Di Fu Zi

Artemisia - Yin Chen Hao

Angelica - Du Huo

Atractylodes - Cang Zhu

Acorus - Shi Chang Pu

Artemisia - Ai Ye

Pseudolarix - Tu Jing Pi

These herbs serve a variety of functions. Cnidium, the lead herb, is known for its antifungal effects. Mentha clears urinary tract infections, relieves swelling and to treat sores or minor wounds. Phellodendron, Scutellaria, Sophora, Kochia, Artemisia, Angelica, and Atractylodes plants are used to clear heat, drain and dry dampness. Pseudolarix possesses strong antimicrobial actions. Kochia is also well known for its ability to stop itching. Pseudolarix, an unusual herb, is also used to kill parasitic microbes.

Yin Care Reference

The Medical Research

Yin-Care, under its Chinese name, has been the subject of over 100 medical or hospital studies, including the following. In a study on acne performed by the Department of Dermatology at the Dalian Medical College, the effectiveness rate using Yin-Care topically was 82.7%, compared with a control group using topical sulfur, at 19%.

A study was performed on trichomonas vaginalis, the organism responsible for the most common type of vaginitis, at the 1st Affiliated Hospital of the Fujian Medical College, in 1991. The microbe was incubated with a 10% solution for ten minutes, in which all strains died.

At Kunming Medical University, in a study for chronic urinary tract infections due to chlamydia infection, patients in the treatment group used a 10% solution of Yin-Care as a wash once every evening for 14 days in succession. Patients in the control group were treated with tetracycline. The Yin-Care group showed a 97% cure rate, while the tetracycline group showed a 67% cure rate.

The Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, in a yearlong study during 1991-1992, examined 687 patients with thirteen various types of skin disorders. All patients were treated with topical dressings of 3% Yin-Care solution, changed four times daily. Results included the following effectiveness rates: Eczema 74.7%, pediatric eczema 67.9%, allergic dermatitis 76.2%, herpes zoster 51.5%, impetigo 88.2%, tinea infection 62.2%.

The Burn Department at the Daqing hospital did a study on 310 burn patients treated with Yin-Care, with a control group using similar burns on opposite parts of the body. A 5% to 34% solution of Yin-Care was applied directly to the burns, and then wrapped with 12 to 16 layers of dry gauze. Yin-Care and dry gauze were reapplied every two days. The control group area used gauze soaked with either an oil extraction of Radix Lithospermum (Zi Cao) or with sulfadiazine argentum. The total rate of infection of the Yin-Care group was 10%, compared with a 44% rate of infection in the control group.

Finally, in a study done by the Institute of Dermatology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 1991, in-vitro antimicrobial actions of Yin-Care were evaluated. Eight strains of bacteria and 18 strains of fungi were subjected to Yin-Care in various dilutions. The study aimed to determine the lowest concentration of Yin-Care to arrest the growth of each respective microbe. Nearly all of these bacterial and fungal cultures were neutralized by concentrations of Yin-Care ranging from 1.6% to 6.25%.

Yin Care Testimonials

"This product cured my chronic yeast and bacterial infections. I used one part yin care and three parts water in a cup and soaked a tampon in it and left it in overnight. I repeated this seven times. If you are experiencing symptoms I would recommend seeing your doctor if you are not positive about what you have or haven't used one of those over the counter strips to find out what you have. I originally got this from my acupuncturist it works if you use it right!" -Miranda

"I just bought this from my acupuncturist yesterday for a yeast infection, and as a topical treatment for chronic hives. I'm amazed at how effective it's been for both of these problems. After one application I'm not having any more yeast infection symptoms, and whenever I put it on one of my hives they go away fairly quickly. I'm so happy I found an effective topical treatment for my hives! Despite the medication from my allergist, the Chinese Herbs I'm taking, and 2 acupuncture treatments a week, I'm still getting break through hives, and I've finally found something that I can put on them that isn't a steroid cream (which don't work for me anymore anyway). I highly recommend this product!!!" :- ) - punkrockmomma

Yin Care Side Effects

No serious side effects were observed with external use. In a few rare cases, a slight burning sensation was reported when Yin-Care was massaged into the skin too vigorously.

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